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Tooth Extractions in Basking Ridge, NJ

One of the primary goals of routine dental care is to help you preserve your natural teeth. But sometimes, a tooth can become so badly damaged or infected that there is no other option. With our extensive experience, fortunately, tooth extractions are quick, simple, and safe. 

At Ridge Oral Surgery in Basking Ridge, NJ, we will set your mind at ease right away, explaining the tooth extraction process and providing options for comfortable and safe tooth removal and replacement.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth extractions are needed whenever the tooth is badly damaged and all other treatments have been exhausted. Some of the most common reasons for tooth extractions include:

  • You have a broken tooth (traumatic injury).
  • Your tooth has significantly degraded due to periodontal disease (loose tooth).
  • An abscess (infection) around your tooth.
  • Impacted teeth.

A Walkthrough of Our Process

During your appointment, your oral surgeon will conduct a thorough examination and review the radiographs (including 3D scans as necessary). Your surgeon will use this information to assess your need for an extraction, then walk you through the procedure and recovery in detail.

For the actual extraction procedure, you will receive a warm welcome from our care team, who will escort you to the treatment room. We will provide sedation and anesthesia options to keep you comfortable throughout the extraction.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend having a bone graft performed or an immediate dental implant placed during the same appointment. We will discuss these options with you in advance.

Following your tooth extraction, our team will provide clear and comprehensive aftercare instructions before discharge for a quick and comfortable recovery. Our goal is always to provide as safe and comfortable an experience as possible.

You’re in Good Hands with Ridge Oral Surgery

Extracting an unhealthy tooth can often provide comfort and a better-functioning smile, and it can be an essential first step toward complete dental restoration. We are pleased to promote patient comfort, safety, and clinical outcomes with every extraction we perform. Contact our practice in Basking Ridge, NJ, to schedule a consultation today.

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