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Anesthesia in Basking Ridge, NJ

We understand you might be apprehensive about dental procedures, and we want to assure you that we do everything in our power to make your experience as comfortable as possible. At Ridge Oral Surgery, we provide several anesthesia and sedation options to ensure your safety and comfort. We always discuss our full range of sedation options during the consultation and can provide care appropriate to your personal requirements.

Our Sedation Options

Oral Sedation

We can provide you with an oral medication to take before your procedure. This oral sedation will allow you to undergo your treatment in a stress-free state while remaining fully conscious.

Local Anesthesia

For any procedure you have, we will always administer local anesthesia. This type of anesthesia eliminates any discomfort you feel in your mouth during surgery.

Nitrous Gas

Nitrous gas is sometimes known as “laughing gas.” This sedation method can provide relaxation, making treatment more pleasant and comfortable.

IV Sedation

For certain procedures, and especially anxious patients, we provide intravenous (IV) sedation. This option puts you under sedation for your procedure.

What About Oral Sedation for Kids?

For younger patients, we are pleased to offer the same extensive options: oral anesthesia, local anesthesia, nitrous gas, and IV sedation. We are happy to discuss the safety of sedation dentistry for children and teens at any time or answer any questions and tailor the care per individual needs.

Advantages of Anesthesia

Beyond physical comfort, there are several important benefits to sedation and anesthesia.

Anxiety Relief

If you tend to be anxious about dental procedures or are nervous about having a surgical procedure, sedation can help relax your mind and lead to better healing and results.

Faster Procedures

Scientific literature has shown that when the patient is relaxed, it leads to quicker and safer procedures and recovery.

You’re in Good Hands with Ridge Oral Surgery

We prioritize your safety, comfort, and well-being at Ridge Oral Surgery. One way we do that is by including anesthesia and sedation as part of your custom treatment plan. Schedule a consultation at our Basking Ridge, NJ, practice to learn more about the sedation options available to you.

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