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Oral Pathology (Biopsy) in Basking Ridge, NJ

Finding an abnormal or unexpected growth in your mouth can be worrisome, and the best action is to seek evaluation for oral pathology, and possibly a biopsy. At Ridge Oral Surgery, we can identify and diagnose any lesion or growth in your mouth, providing you with peace of mind and, when appropriate, an effective treatment plan. Our oral pathology and biopsy services are available to patients in Basking Ridge, NJ, and the surrounding area.

Symptoms and Treatments

We typically recommend seeking consultation whenever you have an unexplainable and persistent change to the inside of your mouth. Some specific symptoms to watch for include:

  • Red or white patches inside the mouth
  • Sores that bleed easily or that won’t heal on their own
  • The development of lumps or thicker areas of the skin
  • Chronic sore throats or dryness
  • Challenges with chewing or swallowing

We will generally perform a visual examination to determine the underlying condition leading to these changes. As indicated, we will recommend a biopsy, allowing us to be sure we know the precise diagnosis. 

Depending on the diagnosis, we may be able to address the issue with simple medications or other conservative treatments. In other cases, we may recommend a simple and safe oral surgery (biopsy), allowing us to remove the abnormal lesion or growth carefully. We may discuss further treatments as indicated based on the biopsy.

You’re in Good Hands with Ridge Oral Surgery

It is natural to feel concerned or unsettled upon discovering an abnormal growth in your mouth. At Ridge Oral Surgery, we emphasize patient comfort and well-being for your peace of mind. Schedule a biopsy consultation with us by calling our Basking Ridge, NJ office.

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