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Surgical Treatment of Impacted Canines in Basking Ridge, NJ

What Are Impacted Teeth?

The word impacted simply means ‘stuck.’ Sometimes teeth become trapped under gum tissue or bone, erupting only partially or not erupting at all (impacted). Impacted teeth can cause various dental health issues, ranging from crowding to chronic pain to an increased risk of infection. Impaction is especially common among wisdom teeth and canines.

Causes of Impacted Teeth

There are a few reasons why a canine tooth might become impacted and fail to erupt properly. The most common reasons are lack of space in the jaws, overcrowding, misalignment of surrounding teeth, etc.

Treatment Options for Impacted Canines

One of the treatment options for impacted canines and other impacted teeth is surgical exposure (surgically providing a path to erupt). Working as a team with the orthodontist, the team at Ridge Oral Surgery can provide your impacted teeth with the necessary path to erupt in a safe and comfortable fashion. Please contact our practice in Basking Ridge, NJ, for an evaluation today.

Treatment for Impacted Canines

During your initial consultation, your oral surgeon will physically examine your teeth, mouth, and gums. They will also review 3D radiographs and develop a custom treatment plan.

On the day of the procedure, after being escorted to the treatment area by our friendly team, you will receive anesthesia to ensure your comfort. Your oral surgeon will carefully expose your impacted tooth and attach a gold bracket/chain to the tooth to provide a clear path for eruption.

After the procedure, treatment will continue with your orthodontist, who will guide your tooth into the correct position. We are always happy to collaborate with your orthodontists to ensure full, healthy smile restoration.

You’re in Good Hands with Ridge Oral Surgery

Impacted canine treatment not only provides a confident smile but can also help prevent more serious dental complications down the road. Our practice provides impacted canine treatment with an emphasis on your comfort and well-being. Contact Ridge Oral Surgery in Basking Ridge, NJ, today to schedule a consultation.

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