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“I had had an issue with my wisdom teeth for many years. I went to multiple dentists and surgeons but I never got the right amount of confidence to trust any of them with this surgery. Dr. Mehrotra did the surgery under anesthesia after I saw him in an emergency with pain. I was very nervous, but it went very smooth, and he made sure that everything was fine even after the surgery until it was completely healed.  I highly recommend him for all your Oral Surgery needs. Thank you Dr. M!” 
– A. Meadow
My 14 year old son had emergency surgery today. I called them and they told me to come now because my son was in a lot of pain and had a cyst. They were amazing. Very new clean beautiful atmosphere. The doctor thoroughly explained everything before procedure. I will definitely go again if needed. I would give them 10 stars.” -Christie C.
“Great experience. State of the Art office. Welcoming and friendly staff.Professional in every way. Took the time to discuss my issue in detail, complete explanation and scheduled surgery promptly. Procedure was comfortable and successful. Not only a skilled oral surgeon but a comforting, cheerful and compassionate human being. Will advise family and friends.” – Richard W. 
“I saw Dr. M regarding my wisdom teeth. He was the 3rd OMFS I saw. I was really anxious, but was immediately put at ease by Dr. Prakhar Mehrotra by his demeanor and calming personality. He offered IV anesthesia for my anxiety, and I’m really glad that I did go that way. And afterwards, the healing was very quick, and had literally no pain or swelling! All thanks to Dr. Prakhar”
– S. Brother
“Dr. Mehrotra treated me as an emergency for an infected and painful tooth. The procedure was quick and painless, and I had a fast recovery. I was especially impressed by his gentle bedside manner. He spent the time to explain all my options in detail and answer all my questions, and helped me make the right decision. I definitely recommend him for any of your Oral Surgery needs.”
– Happy Patient
“Dr. Mehrotra and his team at the practice were amazing, they were very caring and friendly for my wisdom teeth operation. They made sure I was truly comfortable and made the experience as easy as possible for me. As someone who loathes having work done on my teeth, Dr. Mehrotra made sure to go through everything with me in our initial appointment and ease my concerns as much as possible so on the day of the operation I wasn’t nervous or worried.” – I. Bill
“I highly recommend Dr. Mehrotra. My 19-year-old needed her wisdom teeth removed. We had a great experience with Dr. Mehrotra. He thoroughly explained to us the procedure and what to expect after the extraction. He and his staff are super nice and friendly. He has personally called me to check up on my child afterwards and has also texted us both to make sure the healing is happening as it should. We will be returning soon to have her other two teeth removed. Oh and ps, his office is really beautiful.”
– Sharilyn C. 
“Dr. Mehrotra is a very good Surgeon. No pain or problems with my extractions(8) and later Dental Implants (6). He went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I understood what I should do for post-care. Was easy to contact and took me right in whenever I needed a Followup. I found him to be very professional and truly caring about your oral health. Most of all, very painless and calming which is also very important for me.” – Mickey G.


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