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Most of us get our wisdom teeth sometime between the ages of 15 and 25. Often referred to as the third molars, these teeth are the last teeth to develop, and in many cases, they cause long-term complications (infections, damage to adjacent teeth, shifting of teeth or associated cysts and tumors). With evolution (due to a softer diet), our jaws are becoming smaller, thus not providing sufficient space for the wisdom teeth to emerge in a healthy way. In most people, wisdom teeth can become impacted or simply trapped under the gum tissue or bone. 

Ridge Oral Surgery can alleviate these symptoms through safe wisdom teeth removal, allowing you to enjoy total comfort.  

But we often get asked, “Do the wisdom teeth need to be removed even if they are not currently causing me any discomfort”? 

While the answer can vary from person to person, the general recommendation by the respective Dental/Medical associations is to remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible, simply as a preventive measure. You can enjoy robust oral health and ensure ongoing comfort by addressing your wisdom teeth concerns early on.

Wisdom Teeth Removal as a Preventive Measure

Just because your wisdom teeth are not causing any problems right now does not mean they will not cause problems in the future.

Because most of us do not have sufficient room in our mouth for the wisdom teeth to emerge as normal, these molars frequently become trapped under tissue or forced to grow at an unusual angle or “IMPACTED”. This means they push against your surrounding healthy teeth. This may not cause any problems immediately, and in fact, many wisdom teeth issues take years to develop. Many patients start experiencing discomfort from their wisdom teeth when they are in their thirties or even their forties.

Rather than experience these complications later in life, it is much easier to simply have your wisdom teeth removed in advance as a routine, preventive measure.

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is usually quick and simple, with minimal recovery time. Having your wisdom teeth removed preventively allows you to enjoy oral health and comfort without these common wisdom teeth complications. 

Additionally, keep in mind that the wisdom teeth removal process and subsequent recovery tend to be much easier when you are young. One of the benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed earlier in life is that the entire treatment journey is less involved.

Take Care of Your Wisdom Teeth Sooner Rather Than Later

While wisdom teeth can sometimes cause problems, you can steer clear of these problems simply by ensuring the right preventive care. A proactive approach to wisdom teeth can help you enjoy ongoing comfort and oral health. Find out more about wisdom teeth removal at Ridge Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Basking Ridge, NJ. Call today to schedule a consultation with our Board certified, dual degree Oral surgeon Dr. Mehrotra!

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